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Why are photos so important?

Why are photos so important?

Why are photos so important?

93% of consumers say the visual appearance of product influences their purchasing decision. The images produced and shared by influencers can ‘provoke emotion and desire, and they kickstart consumers in the dreaming and planning stages of the booking journey.’ The engagement (likes and comments) influencers bring allows hospitality brands to grow, as 82% of people would try something referred by someone in their social network. This proves word-of-mouth has gone digital.

Humans are visual creature, we often “buy with our eyes”, especially when it comes to find the right restaurant. Quality images results in bookings.

The saying "we eat with our eyes" rings truer than ever in the digital age. Food photography is boosting tourism, and here's why it matters

Fill your restaunt


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First, make your restaurant more photogenic.

food must still come first.

Step up your Instagram game with help from our Instagram Marketing Guide

Idees: Seeds, hand out, individual cookies

Food and Drinks Industry Marketing Trends

Lifestyle blogger Angie Silver has noticed the growing trend.

"Nowadays, dishes are created especially for Instagram," she said.

ccording to Zizzi, reported in The Independent and elsewhere, 18-35 year olds spend the equivalent of five days a year browsing food pictures on Instagram and 30% say they would shun a restaurant if they had a week Instagram presence.

Photographing life’s most delicious moments. When it comes to awakening our appetite for life, great food can be as powerful as a symphony. And like any source of pleasure, it is connected to an experience that transcends our five senses. It evokes a feeling...a ambiance....or anticipation.



Some of the world's best chefs are masters of taste, while the world's best photographers bring to you the explosion of taste through sight

You see, food photography is very much like magic, it stirs up emotions and creates an insatiable desire, it is a slieght of hand that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. Your mind creates an imagery, an impression - you begin to associate the mirage of colors and textures to an unlimited possibility of tastes and scents that are uniquely influenced by your memories and emotions.

You are experiencing a sensory explosion. 
But then again, not quite yet.
It is as though you can almost taste it.

 And the only way to find out would be to savour it for yourself.

The Rise of the Traveling Foodie

According to theAmerican Culinary Traveler, the percentage of US leisure travelers catering their travels to unique dining experiences rose from 40 percent to 51 percent between 2006 and 2013. Unique dining experiences include, according to the UNWTO Global Report on Food Tourism 2012, food events (79 percent of survey respondents), gastronomic routes and cooking classes and workshops (62 percent), food fairs featuring local products (59 percent), visits to markets and producers (53 percent), museums (12 percent), and presentations (6 percent).

Research shows that travelers spend more time on property pages that have at least 30 photos.1

Photo tailored for Tripadvisor/ Google Pages and Instagram (story content videos, step by step guides, food blogger network, design ideas food and restaurant environment. Wall drawing Abdel)


Homepage (layout, images photographed and composed for this.)

Google Pages (Establishing shot, variety, people, environment, create a novelty, menu)


Food, like film, is transformative. Chefs merge flavor, essence, and aroma. Much like a recipe, a still photograph requires the right combination of light, composition, and technique. Eating a meal or viewing an image offers a subjective sensual experience.

I capture food, flavor, and form.

Optimise your digital profiles

Of course, word of mouth still plays a part, but what’s changed is that word of mouth has now moved online.

“Social media is no longer just a fun hobby for fancy restaurants looking to score brownie points by showing off their dessert tray. It’s a must-do for any restaurant or café looking to attract people, increase their exposure and boost sales in these highly competitive times (i.e. all of them). “

When it comes to bringing new faces into local eateries, the classic attention-getter known as ‘word-of-mouth’ has taken a back seat

Develop novelty.

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