I created this website because I like crafting images. I always used to the picture guys, even long before I got my first DSLR. To document my Erasmus semester abroad in 2013 in Cyprus I bought myself a GoPro Camera. I really enjoy making fun, action and travel videos. I continued with it while I was living in Ireland. While I was living in Barcelona in 2015, a photographer friend came over to visit me. Together we went into a local camera store and I got my first DSLR, a Nikon D5200 with the 18 - 105mm kit lens. He helped me massively in the beginnings. I directly started taking images in RAW, never used auto and implemented back-button focus. Thanks to Mark Buchen I had a very steep learning curve.

When I started studying my masters in International Management in Prague in 2015 I wanted to engage in photography further. I contacted Jan Miracky owner of www.johnnyspraguetours.com. We met and after assisting him on couple of tours I started working for him as photography tour guide. He helped me massively to start my own photography tour website which I ran during my semester abroad in Stockholm 2016. I set up the website stockholmphototours.com. After many hours of work I had to find out that a good domain and a good looking website is not a guarantor for success. The lack of SEO and my limited time made it impossibly to be noticed among google searches. I still managed to have some photo tours for clients, but solely of recommendations and word of mouth.

After returning to Barcelona for the summer I started some glamour photo shootings. I continued commercial portraiture shootings in Prague and bought myself some old fashioned studio strobes. With the new gear I learned how to make high quality white background product images for an online shop. I also took the real life images for their social media and online shop.

What's coming next?

I am planing to get into commercial photography. It is going to be exciting :)